First Sunday Meeting

The Dialogue is a process with its roots in the beginning of western civilization with the prehistoric Greeks that is now employed by those who work in the field of Organizational Development to promote a closer relationship among members of an organization, community or enterprise.

Through a strategy that works to improve the quality of communication by removing or mitigating those issues that impede clear and accurate communications by employing rules that support cooperative discussion, with the intention of creating a sense of common understanding. The process promotes a capacity for recognizing differences as assets, wherein participants can find a closer relationship with one another that improves their effectiveness as members of an organization and increases organizational cohesiveness.

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Dr. Rogier Gregoire is a retired educational professional. He holds an Ed.D. from Harvard Graduate School of Education (1970), where he specialized in curriculum design and development. He has been the principal contributor to several published works, including: Man a Course of Study (1972); Polaroid Visual Learning Program (1987); and A Teaching Guide for “Eyes on the Prize” A PBS series on the Civil Rights Movement (1992). He is a proponent of educational reform from a didactic instructional model to an inquiry driven instructional model.

As always, the coffee will be on at 9:00 am in the lower level of the Duluth Radisson Harborview.  An optional breakfast buffet will be available at about 9:30 and the meeting will begin at 10:00 with announcements, followed by our featured presentation.  After a quick question and answer session, we’ll all head back home to think about what we’ve heard.

The Duluth Radisson Harborview is located at 505 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802 and can be reached at (218) 727-8981.

Third Wednesday Social

Sidney Luce established Duluth’s first brewery in 1857. Twenty-four years later in 1881 Michael Fink bought it, moved it to its current location, and called it Lake Superior Brewery. Within three years, Fink’s German brewmaster August Fitger had purchased the business along with partner Percy Anneke. It was renamed A. Fitger & Co. / Lake Superior Brewery. It finally closed up in 1972 after 115 years in operation, only re-opening 12 years later as Fitger’s Brewery Complex. Before long, the Lake Superior Freethinkers were meeting there at Bennett’s Restaurant on a regular basis (charging $13 for the buffet). The restaurant, recently known as MIDI and since last year as The Boat Club, will host the Lake Superior Freethinkers once again on Wednesday, November 21st for a social dinner starting at 5:30 pm.  Why not bring a friend and enjoy some food and history?