Special Meeting This Saturday Morning

On Saturday, October 20th, starting at about 11:00 am, we will gather at Valentini’s restaurant to hear Jim Helton of American Atheists.

Many of us are getting restless to take some kind of action to express our morality without superstition. But we also need to prevent mission creep to the left, which alienates a large minority of our current (and regrettably some former) participants.

American Atheists focuses on challenging religious privilege and fighting to protect church/state separation. It builds local coalitions around specific issues such as medically accurate sex education, LGBT non-discrimination ordinances, and opposition to religious exemptions.

Under Helton’s leadership, Tri-State Freethinkers adopted the highway in front of the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter and led a protest that received international attention. His activism landed Helton appearances in the 2017 documentary film Bill Nye: Science Guy and the forthcoming documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs. He also played a key role in eliminating Gideon’s bible distributions in public schools and removing abstinence-only sex education.

Please consider attending this meeting if at all possible. This might be our best hope for becoming more visible and socially active, without abandoning our anti-religion mission.

Valentini’s Vicino Lago
1400 London Road
Duluth, MN
(218) 728-5900
October 20th (Saturday)

FREETHOUGHT: An anti-clerical movement (opposed to the power of the Church) active since the Enlightenment period in Europe. Freethinkers do not accept “revelation” as a source of truth.

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